DocuLatino Brussel 2018

The 10th edition of the DocuLatino Film Festival will take place this year in Antwerp, Brussels, Leuven. Through the selected documentaries, we will approach the issue of the exploitation of natural resources and its social, environmental and economic consequences in Latin America. Our speakers will give the context for each film by sharing testimonies and background information. These crucial stories are a must-see!


Pianofabriek - Rue du Fort 35 - 1060 Saint-Gilles

21/03/2018 – Defensora (Guatemala)

40m (Spanish /English subtitles)

The story of Defensora is set along the shores of Lake Izabal in the community of El Estor where a nickel mining company has operated for over 50 years.  Read more here.

23/03/2018 – Titicaca y los rostros desaparecidos (Bolivia and Peru)

1h13m (Spanish and German /English subtitles)

This docu takes a tour of the highlands of Bolivia and Peru, drastically affected by formal and informal mining. These extractive activities are causing the pollution of the rivers and affect those people who live around them and eventually, lead to the slow death of Lake Titicaca. Read more here.

La Casa de America Latina - Rue du Collège 27 - 1050 Ixelles

29/03/2018 – Lágrimas de Aceite (Peru)

1h02m (Spanish / English subtitles / French discussion)

In 2016, breaks in different parts of the Norperuano Pipeline affect dozens of communities. Lágrimas de Aceite explores the consequences of the obsolescence of the oil infrastructure. Read more here.