Support the Triqui community in Mexico

On April 27, 2010 the paramilitary organization UBISORT attacked a humanitarian convoy in Oaxaca (Mexico). This convoy brought food and medicine to the autonomous municipality of San Juan Coppola. During the raid, two people were killed: Beatriz Alberta "Bety" Cariño Trujillo (responsible for local NGO Cactus) and Jyri Jaakkola (Uusi Tuuli Finnish observer).

A year later, Rufino Hernandez Juarez, leader of the paramilitary UBISORT is arrested on suspicion of the murder on José Celestino Hernández Cruz in San Juan Copala on 17 april 2010. The international community asks the court of the Mexican state of Oaxaca to include the investigation into the the murder of 22 other Triqui-people and the attack on Bety nand Jiry, in which dozens of witnesses say that UBISORT is behind it, and ask a profoundly and performant examination.

The Triqui community is organizing a fourth march of women, children and man to Mexico City to protest against the paramilitary violence in San Juan De Copola and to ask justice about the murders and the Violence against the Triqui People.

We the undersigned support this march and demand a performant and efficient investigation UBISORT and demand the cessation of all paramilitary violence in Oaxaca.

Initiators: Catapa, Climaxi, Fair Move, Friends Of The Earth , Autonomous Municipio of San Juan De Copola, Uusi Tuuli and vzw 't Uilekot.

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Picture: Heriberto Rodríguez