Costa Rica: New President places a moratorium on open-pit gold mining

Moments after assuming the presidency of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla signed an executive decree that places a moratorium on open-pit gold mining in the country.

The decree suspends “indefinitely” the “exploration, extraction and processing of the materials extracted through the use of cyanide and mercury.”

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Binge Bagua? Say NO to Peruvian Rum Day!

On April 27th, the Peruvian president Alan García, known for his love for mining investment, following his adagium 'el perro del hortelano' - or is there something in it for him as well? - instated a resolución suprema (supreme resolution) to dedicate, from this year onwards, the 5th of June to Peruvian Rum.

Chicken, baldness and Coca-Cola

While the ‘Western’ media were dusting off their camera lenses, Evo Morales, the president of Bolivia, presented in Cochabamba the blueprints of the peoples’ answer to the failure of Copenhagen. From April 20th till April 22nd, over 35,000 people from 142 countries exchanged ideas and experiences on how to combat climate change and save our planet. This event came to a close on the International Day of Mother Earth, with traditional dances, festivities and speeches from Evo Morales, Hugo Chávez and other high dignitaries from socialist Latin America. The centre-piece of the closing event, however, was the Peoples’ Agreement, laying the foundations of a more unified reform movement, trying to save humanity and Mother Earth from destruction.

México: Terror Returns to Oaxaca

MEXICO CITY, Apr 30, 2010 (IPS) - A violent incident in which two activists were killed in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca has raised fears among human rights groups of a return to the unrest and severe clashes between protesters and police that virtually paralysed the state in 2006.

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Colombia: Municipality of Cerrito aims to forbid mining in páramo

Last friday, april 9th, the promoters of a local legislative initiative officially handed over their 1051 signatures in support of this initiative to the local authorities.

Peruvian State Protects Mining Company Instead of Citizens: Interview with Mario Tabra Guerrero

Today, while those in power wage a campaign of media disinformation to prepare the scene for the 2011 presidential elections, peasant communities of Ayabaca, Piura continue to fight multinational mining corporations. With government support, these companies continue to explore for and exploit mineral deposits, ignoring residents’ concerns about the environment and the water supply.

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