[Urgent action FIAN] Community Leader San Miguel shot

FIAN International calls for international action. CATAPA supports the action.

Guatemala, July 15, 2010.

On July 7th, two unknown men shot Ms. Diodora Antonia Hernández Cinto in her home. She is a community leader of the movement against the Marlin Mine.

Peru/CooperAcción op-ed: The environmental issue - again in alert

In the last two weeks, Peruvians have faced, once again, the weakness of its environmental institutions and the enormous risks that are constantly present in different parts of our territory. First, the oil spill in the Marañon river in the district of Urarina in Loreto, followed by the collapse of a tailings dam in the district of Huachocolpa in Huancavelica, which is causing terrible contamination of three rivers in the area on top of economic and health impacts for the communities. 

Goldcorp's Marlin Mine: "Development for Death"

Source: Huffington Post, 01/06/10

Author's note: Last week, following the visit of U.N. Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Rights James Anaya, the Guatemalan government agreed to abide by his requests and those of the Interamerican Commission on Human Rights, the Catholic Church, the International Labor Organization and others and has ordered the temporary suspension of operations at the Marlin Mine in the indigenous lands of Western Guatemala.

Guarango: 10 years after Choropampa [free documentary streaming!]

Today, June 2nd, is the 10 year mark of the mercury spill that intoxicated thousands of villagers of Choropampa (Cajamarca). Demands for medical attention and compensation still have not yet been heard.

In memory of this tragic event, Guarango has put exceptionally the full HD version of its documentary "Choropampa, the Price of Gold" for free during one week on its YouTube page for you to view it. Watch it in Spanish or with English subtitels.

More information on the Spanish version of this post.

Costa Rica: New President places a moratorium on open-pit gold mining

Moments after assuming the presidency of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla signed an executive decree that places a moratorium on open-pit gold mining in the country.

The decree suspends “indefinitely” the “exploration, extraction and processing of the materials extracted through the use of cyanide and mercury.”

Read more here

Binge Bagua? Say NO to Peruvian Rum Day!

On April 27th, the Peruvian president Alan García, known for his love for mining investment, following his adagium 'el perro del hortelano' - or is there something in it for him as well? - instated a resolución suprema (supreme resolution) to dedicate, from this year onwards, the 5th of June to Peruvian Rum.

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