september 2017

vrijdag, 15 september, 2017 - 19:00 tot zondag, 17 september, 2017 - 17:00

What happens at the Catapa Summer Camp? A few days in which we meet and have fun, working on different projects, brainstorm together, as well as relaxing and enjoying nature, the sun, and the surroundings. The Summer Camp is an ideal oportunity to get to know new (or not so new) Catapistas (CATAPA volunteers).

We will put up several tents that serve as a kitchen, meeting room, or (hopefully not) as a shelter from storms. Everyone who is (or isn't yet) active in CATAPA is welcome!

zaterdag, 30 september, 2017 - 16:00

We organiseren een benefiet avond!

oktober 2017

vrijdag, 20 oktober, 2017 (Hele dag) tot zondag, 22 oktober, 2017 (Hele dag)

Een weekend lang vormingen over de impact van mijnbouw op mens en natuur.