Plattelandsontwikkeling in Bolivia: debat, fotografie en dans. (Evenement in het Engels)

zaterdag, 13 oktober, 2018 - 14:30 tot 17:00

Dit evenement wordt georganiseerd door CATAPA en Solidagro. Er vind een debat plaats over de "Plattelandsontwikkeling van Bolivia en de aankomende verkiezingen van 2019". De verschillende perspectieven komen aan het woord: de academsiche wereld, Boliviaanse kant, de EU en het middenveld. Er is ruim de tijd voor vragen. De rest van de namiddag is gevuld met Boliviaanse cultuur!


Are you intrigued by Bolivian culture? Curious about rural development and the upcoming elections in Bolivia? CATAPA and Solidagro will spice up your Saturday afternoon at the Ecohuis in Antwerp.

Firstly there will be a debate: "Rural development of Bolivia and the elections of 2019". Through different perspectives, from academic to civil society and journalists, this topic will be approached. You will get the chance to ask all the questions you want. And after the debate? Then there is time to experience Bolivian culture: Afro-Bolivian dancing show, a dancing workshop and a fascinating photo exhibition from across the continent.



14h30 Opening doors

15h00 - 16h30 debate: Rural development of Bolivia and the elections of 2019


In 2019, there will be presidential elections in Bolivia. Rural development is a topic high on the agenda and of utmost importance to those 31% Bolivians living at the countryside. During the past decades, a steady migration from the rural to urban areas has taken place. What will bring the 2019 elections? The debate will center around three key topics:

  • Climate & Water, with a focus on the environment and extractivism

  • Rural development, with a focus on the socio-economic situation

  • Buen vivir, with a focus on the impact of this concept and the discourse around it on “development”

The debate will have a dynamic format, including videos, interaction between the panel members and the public.


The four speakers are:

  1. Lien Verstraete (Solidagro): Lien is programme coordinator for Bolivia at Solidagro, working on the topics of food sovereignty and rural development.

  2. Hanne Cottyn (Universiteit Gent): Hanne is doctor at the University of Ghent who specialises in indigenous rights in Bolivia and Peru.

  3. Walter Lotens (Walter is a Belgian moral philosopher, freelance journalist and writer who has worked and published extensively on Bolivia).

  4. Afnan Agramont (Bolivian PhD at Universidad San Pablo in Cochabamba granted by the Flemish programme “VLIR-IUC”, with experience in different organizations in Bolivia working on water and development).

16h30 - 17h00: break

This is the perfect moment to enjoy some food, drinks and have a look at the beautiful photo exhibition!

17h00 - 17h30 The role of CATAPA as a movement

What is the role of a movement as CATAPA in Bolivia? Alberto and Silke will bring you the story of rural communities around Lake Poopó, which have been harshly affected by the impact of the mining industry up to the extent of the drying up of the lake. To adapt to the decreased access to clean water due to mining and climate change, a project was established: Rainwater harvesting Around Lake Poopó”.

Alberto and Silke will give you an in-depth insight of the water related issues and potential solutions. They will also make the link to your daily life and how you can make a change. Because indeed, why are all these minerals being mined?


17h30 - 18h30 Rhythms from the Andes

Did you know that some communities in Bolivia have African roots? The Andean folk music group Andanza will showcast: “Afrobolivia - A dancing path of resistance and the recreation of the African identity in Bolivia”. And of course, in Bolivia you cannot dance alone. So you are invited to join the dancers in a workshop and learn some new moves!


19h00 Adios!



Photo exhibition by 5 diverse photographers with a passion for Latin America

  1. Sanne Derks (Solidagro) on sustainable agriculture by local farmers in Bolivia

  2. Nick Somers on the installation of water tanks in the highlands of Oruro (Bolivia)

  3. Florent Quint on gold mining in Colombia

  4. Bart Carlier on photos on democratic processes in Cajamarca (Colombia)

  5. Simon Leskens on mining in Latin America

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