WORKSHOP: Anthropology of Mining Network

donderdag, 20 juli, 2017 (Hele dag) tot vrijdag, 21 juli, 2017 (Hele dag)

This workshop will build upon and extend the discussions initiated during the last EASA conference in Milan with the panel “Mining Temporalities”. Focusing on temporality in extractive processes draws attention to understanding how past, present and future are incorporated in and shape mining life cycles, or how these temporal dimensions become grounds of possible disputes. Moreover, resource extraction itself is a process influenced and constructed through a multitude of interconnected temporalities. For this reason we use the expression “mining temporalities” in order to underline how resource extraction – be it metals, minerals or combustible substances (e.g. oil, gas) – can be understood by untangling a complex mesh of multiple temporalities: durations, rhythms and cycles with different velocity, intensity and extensions.

Our aim is to examine the relationship between mining and time by exploring and comparing representations, perceptions and politics of resources and extractive activities carried out in different mining regions of the world – from Southeast Asia to South America, from West and South Africa to Northern Europe – at different scales.

This network´s workshop and the subsequent publication of a special issue will contribute to debates on time, temporality and resource extraction; debates that are highly pertinent and timely, both in Anthropology and studies of resource extraction.

The workshop will take place on the 20th and 21st of July at the Utrecht University in The Netherlands with the support and collaboration of the Department of Anthropology. For those interested in attending the workshop, please contact Dr. Nikkie Wiegink, email: N.Wiegink (at)

If you are interested in contributing with a paper to the special issue (there is room for one or two contributions), please contact as soon as possible the network convenors Lorenzo D´Angelo and Robert Pijpers (lorenzo.dangelo(at) / r.j.pijpers(at) and submit a 300 to 500-words abstract before the 15th of July.


Mining temporalities: ideas, experiences and politics of time in extractive industries. Panel at EASA2016.
Convenors: Lorenzo D'Angelo, University of Milano-Bicocca
Robert Pijpers, University of Oslo
Chair Sabine Luning, Leiden University
Discussant: Samuel Spiegel, University of Edinburgh

During the 2016 EASA conference in Milan the network has successfully organized the panel ´Mining Temporalities´. During the panel we discussed the various ways in which (ideas and perceptions of) time and temporality play a role in natural resource extraction. Interest in the panel was remarkable with 23 submissions.

During EASA2016 the network also hosted its first network meeting. During this meeting, the convenors gave an update about the past activities and the attendants discussed future activities: a newsletter (spread via the mailing list), a network event next year and mini-profiles to be published on the networks website. Hedda Haugen (University of Newcastle) has been appointed to prepare and coordinate the newsletter. In addition, the two network convenors have been re-elected and will continue to serve for the next two years.