13/02/2020 @ 10:00 – 28/02/2020 @ 17:00


How do Peruvian women resist extractivism and open up alternative ways forward? In this exhibition, we approach this question from two different points. The exhibition is a collaboration between RoSa vzw, Catapa, Carpeta Colaborativa artists and Encuentro Belgian Latin America Network. It will be hosted at RoSa Library, where a broad collection specializing in gender and feminism is also available to the public.

There will be a selection of artworks from Carpeta Colaborativa, a collective commemoration and reflection on Peru’s 1992 coup. The coup evokes the erosion of living conditions for Peru’s most vulnerable workers as a result of the deepening neoliberal economic regime. Apart from neoliberalism’s particularly harsh consequences on working women, the coup also evokes the infamous forced sterilizations program implemented throughout Peru. 25 years later several artists looked back into these issues, turning their questions and complains into posters.

There will also be a selection of photographs from Pensando en Alternativas, a series made by campesinas (countryside women) fighting large scale mining in the territories they consider their own. These pictures show the alternatives to extractivism women live everyday. Their thoughts are expressed in their own words in statements paired with each picture. The series is part of Professor Katy Jenkins’ (Northumbria University) research.

An opening debate will take place on February 6th.


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