06/02/2020 @ 19:30 – 21:00
RoSa vzw
Zennestraat 40 1000 Brussel

EN – Art and Photo exhibition

Catapa, RoSa vzw and Encuentro are glad to invite you to the opening of the exposition ‘Extracting from the land to the body: gendered resistance & feminist alternatives’.

At the opening debate we propose a conversation on the gendered impacts of extractivism, considering the many forms it can take. The talk complements the exposition in which Peruvian women are central figures on this question. Indeed, the photos of Katy Jenkins from Pensando en Alternativas and the artworks of Carpeta Colaborativa point out Peruvian women’s everyday resistance for better rights, living and labour conditions.

Starting from 1992 political crisis in Peru and its long term impact in the country, explained by Rafael Salgado, we will have a closer look into Katy Jenkins’ experience on women’s activism against large scale mining projects, chiefly led by western companies. The participation of Sigrid Vertommen, expert on global fertility chains, and Clara Burbano Herrera, specialist on human rights, allow us to contest extractivism from a broader perspective and question:

What possibilities are there for (eco)feminism to question the current state of affairs and to propose alternatives? How can we frame the questions surrounding extractivism (across industries such as fertility or mining) so researchers, activists and communities work together on alternative solutions? Is there space for international solidarity and responsibility, for instance as rights activists or informed consumers?

Guest Speakers:
– Clara Burbano Herrera: Professor of International Human Rights Law at the Faculty of Law & Criminology at the University of Ghent.
– Katy Jenkins: Associate Professor in International Development at the Northumbria University (Newcastle). She is an interdisciplinary feminist scholar who specializes in gender and development; women’s activism; NGOs, professionalisation and the changing nature of civil society.
– Rafael Salgado: Analyses and investigates how ‘local spaces’ are produced through (and in response to) development, neoliberalism and extractivism in Peru.
– Sigrid Vertommen: Postdoctoral researcher at King’s college in London. Her work focuses on reproductive labour and transnational fertility chains in Israel, Palestine and Georgia from a feminist perspective. She is part of the editorial board of Lava, a journal for societal critique.

Moderator: Ciska Hoet, co-director of RoSa vzw

The Art and Photo exhibition will remain at RoSa from 6/02 till 28/02 for visitors.
Location: RoSa vzw is a knowledge centre and library for gender and feminism (Zennestraat 40 1000 Brussels).

The event is free and open to all but registration is advised because attendance is limited. Please, register here:

The event will be in English and Spanish. Simultaneous translation (ESP-EN and EN-ESP) would be provided upon request, if needed, through the registration form.

*This event has been organised within the framework of the project Make ICT Fair financed by the European Union


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