By volunteering with us... can be part of CATAPA in a meaningful and concrete way. We invite you to look for and find something related to your interests and skillset and, by doing so, making a difference to the environment and to people.

Are you interested in CATAPA and want to gain experience in a dynamic organization of volunteers?

Contact us!


First of all, we are delighted that you are considering becoming a volunteer with us!  There are several ways in which you can contribute. As a Catapista you can commit to different topics, depending on what you are good at and what skills you want to improve. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us via


Here are some ideas as to how you might be able to help as a Catapista:

  • Organizing events, coordinating and/or helping out during events (serving beer, cooking …)
  • Review articles and reports, writing and/or following up
  • Follow-up legislation (European or international level)
  • Advocacy
  • Guest speakers guide
  • Administration
  • Contributing to case studies
  • Research work in the North and / or South among others

If you have your own ideas or you believe you can be part of the movement helping in other ways, don’t hesitate to tell us how!