What do you know about mining?

There is an unlimited appetite for resources on a biophysically limited earth. The resource issues will be high on the international agenda in the next decades and plays, just like the energy shortage, a key role in the climate story. Play this video to know more.

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Watch: The Case for Degrowth

WEBINAR & BOOK LECTURE: Watch: The Case for Degrowth 27th February, 2020 Join expert and author Federico Demaria as he presents his new book 'The case for Degrowth'. On Friday 19th February CATAPA in partnership
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Guardians of Water

Guardians of water In 1957 the American newspaper The New Yorker published a poem by British poet W. H. Auden, the end of which recited: "Thousands have survived without love. Not one without water”. Indeed,
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Green technologies for people and planet

Climate justice, supply chains and mining-industry’s destruction of communities and eco-systems in Chile, and around the world. We are witnessing a revamped drive for a green economy. The transition towards an energy system powered by
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10 Ways CATAPA Took on the Mining Industry in 2020

10 Ways CATAPA Took on the Mining Industry in 2020   Its been a challenging year across the world with the Covid-19 pandemic not least for communities facing down mining projects trying to exploit the
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Make ICT Fair

Challenging the sustainability of the global ICT supply chain; from mining to procurement.
For the coming 3 years, CATAPA together with 10 other partners across Europe will campaign on manufacturing and mining in the electronics industry.

Catapa is currently working in Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. Find out more about the cases!




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