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Products such as smartphones, laptops, printers..., have become an integral part of our daily lives. However, the producers of these devices want to sell as many of them as possible. That is why they often deliberately design products that break down faster and cannot be repaired or recycled. Unfortunately, the raw materials for this insatiable ICT hunger do not come out of thin air. On the contrary, we dig huge holes for them, with big consequences for people and planet. We therefore believe that our politicians urgently need to end these dirty practices. Are you with us?

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What do you know about mining?

There is an unlimited appetite for resources on a biophysically limited earth. The resource issues will be high on the international agenda in the next decades and plays, just like the energy shortage, a key role in the climate story. Play this video to know more.

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‘Greenwashing’ of the mining industry

'Greenwashing' of the mining industry A warm nest, your own car and the latest smartphone; many of us are used to a life of luxury. However, continuing to meet these needs requires an energy transition.
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Take part in the free escaperoom Re-Connect!

Take part in the free escaperoom Re-Connect! Always wanted to do an escaperoom, but never got around to it? Fond of your smartphone, but don't know what's inside? Then participate in the free escaperoom Re-Connect.
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Art and unity in Cajamarca

Art and unity in Cajamarca “What if we sing?”, she asks as she pulled a small paper with some scribbles that formed lyrics out of her pocket. She is one of the Defensoras de la
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Ctrl Alt Del Campaign

Launch Ctrl Alt Del Campaign Reset the system & stop planned obsolescence! The earth is becoming exhausted. Floods, forest fires, melting glaciers, ...: we are increasingly confronted with natural disasters. The consequences are disastrous &
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Make ICT Fair

Challenging the sustainability of the global ICT supply chain; from mining to procurement.
For the coming 3 years, CATAPA together with 10 other partners across Europe will campaign on manufacturing and mining in the electronics industry.

Catapa is currently working in Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. Find out more about the cases!




La Colosa, Cajamarca


Comités de Vigilancia, Cajamarca

Programa Sui Sui, Iquitos


Project Mirador

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