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ESC Volunteer Vacancies 2022

ESC Volunteer Vacancies 2022Campaigning & MovementCommunication & Social Media Campaigning CATAPA CATAPA is a movement which strives for a world in which the extraction of non-renewable resources is no longer necessary. The extraction of such
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Annual Report 2021

The year 2021 finished already a while ago! Despite the pandemic, CATAPA did not stand still of course. Read all about it in the annual report! You can download it here. Only available in Dutch.
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Mechelen is the first city to sign our CTRL ALT DEL charter!

Mechelen is the first city to sign our CTRL ALT DEL charter! On February 17, CATAPA Mechelen organised a debate about (de)colonisation. Alderwoman of Mechelen, Rina Rabau, also took part in the panel. As a
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En El Nombre Del Litio – Clean Energy, For Who?

En El Nombre Del Litio: Clean Energy, For Who? I'm the one who goes meandering through the hills Watching life grow With eyes of water that see the birth and death of time I am
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Have you heard about

Products such as smartphones, laptops, printers..., have become an integral part of our daily lives.
However, the producers of these devices want to sell as many of them as possible.
Therefore, they often deliberately design products that break down faster and cannot be repaired or recycled. Both the consumer and the planet suffer as a result. The raw materials needed for this insatiable ICT hunger are extracted by the mining industry. Mining is extremely polluting with big consequences for the people and the environment. That is why we demand that our politicians urgently put a stop to the malpractices of planned obsolescence. Are you with us?

What do you know about mining?

There is an unlimited appetite for resources on a biophysically limited earth. The resource issues will be high on the international agenda in the next decades and plays, just like the energy shortage, a key role in the climate story. Play this video to know more.

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Catapa is currently working in Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. Find out more about the cases!




La Colosa, Cajamarca


Comités de Vigilancia, Cajamarca

Programa Sui Sui, Iquitos


Project Mirador

Make ICT Fair

Challenging the sustainability of the global ICT supply chain; from mining to procurement.
For the coming 3 years, CATAPA together with 10 other partners across Europe will campaign on manufacturing and mining in the electronics industry.