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We support communities’ right to say ‘no’ to mining and the system that makes mining necessary. In the Andes region and here!

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Mining project Colpayoc: Gold or water? The last access to clean drinking water in Cajamarca

Friday 7th May, in the central Plaza de Armas, Cajamarca, communities and social organizations, including the Frente de Defensa Ambiental de Colpayoc, convened a press conference denouncing and rejecting the gold mining project Colpayoc, owned
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Murder of environmental defender in Colombia: we demand justice!

We are sorry to share the news of the assassination of Johan Ferney Aguilar González. He was a Colombian environmental defender and also the son of Wilder Antonio Aguilar Rodríguez, who is a social leader
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CATAPA celebrates the popular consultations in Ecuador

We are delighted to share the emphatic victories of the popular referendums in Ecuador. Last weekend’s consulta popular on the future of the Chocó Andino and Yasuní turned out to be a seismic event. The
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How to convince a village to destroy their future: a 8 step manual

Multinational mining companies all over the world use similar strategies to convince communities to agree to their destructive extractive projects. Want to know their secrets? We’re diving into the mining conflict currently occurring in the
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Products such as smartphones, laptops, printers..., have become an integral part of our daily lives.
However, the producers of these devices want to sell as many of them as possible.
Therefore, they often deliberately design products that break down faster and cannot be repaired or recycled. Both the consumer and the planet suffer as a result. The raw materials needed for this insatiable ICT hunger are extracted by the mining industry. Mining is extremely polluting with big consequences for the people and the environment. That is why we demand that our politicians urgently put a stop to the malpractices of planned obsolescence. Are you with us?

What do you know about mining?

There is an unlimited appetite for resources on a biophysically limited earth. The resource issues will be high on the international agenda in the next decades and plays, just like the energy shortage, a key role in the climate story. Play this video to know more.

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