Support the work of CATAPA

CATAPA is a growing, critical and self-willed movement that dares to fight for a more sustainable and fair planet. From CATAPA we support local communities in Latin America who are threatened by massive mining projects and their social and environmental impact. Next to this, as Catapistas, we form a movement with which we campaign against the damaging impact from mining.

Thanks to your donations we can work in a more independent way and achieve more.

You can make your donation on BE49 9795 2861 7871

Is my donation tax deductible?

With our general work no tax certificates will be issued. But if you want to support directly our partners in Latin America, you can also do so.

These contributions (from 40 euros per fiscal year) are administered by Oxfam-Solidariteit in Belgium. Oxfam-Solidariteit issues the tax certificate and withholds an annual 5% for administrative costs. These donations go directly to our partners in Latin America. Important: without the right reference the donation will not go directly to CATAPA’s projects.

Note: The donations to Catapa via Oxfam Solidariteit can be made until 31/3/19. After that date, it is no longer possible to make a donation to Catapa via Oxfam Solidariteit. We are looking for alternatives so as to render donations for CATAPA tax deductible again.

All Catapistas thank you in advance!