Overview workshops CATAPA

Limits to Growth

Target group: 18+
Duration: 1,5 – 2 hours
Group size: 15-25 people
Language: Dutch or English
Price: € 250 (or according to available budget)
Themes: resources, inequality, climate, buen vivir & degrowth

Both offline and online is possible.

Floods, forest fires, melting glaciers, etc.: we are increasingly faced with natural disasters. The consequences are disastrous and indisputable: we are exceeding the limits of our planet. To keep our planet livable, we urgently need to rethink our way of living.

Fortunately, communities around the world are rising up to strive for conservation and to fight for their ‘Right to Say No’ to destructive mining projects in their environment and communities. They are saying “No” to environmental degradation and pushing for a different way of life with a different vision of “development,” a life that focuses on “well-being” rather than “growth.

This workshop will introduce us to inspiring voices from Latin America (in line with the ‘Buen Vivir’ philosophy) who show that another way of life is possible. A life in which ‘well-being’ is central instead of ‘growth’. Together we will explore ways in which we can live with fewer non-renewable resources, with the aim of taking a critical look at our consumer society and actively considering alternative models of society.

The workshop takes 90 to 120 minutes and it’s suitable for a group of 15-25 (young) adults who have no prior knowledge of the topic of the workshop.

If you are interested in hosting this workshop within your group of friends, organization or university, you may certainly contact us at info@catapa.be!

Stop #ExpresDefect

Target group: 18+
Duration: 2-3 hours (can be adapted according to needs)
Group size: 15-25 people
Language: Dutch or English
Price: €250 (or according to available budget)

Have you heard of planned obsolescence? It’s a strategy used by electronics manufacturers to deliberately (“expres” in Flemish) design products so that the devices don’t last as long (a “defect”). This, after all, encourages the purchase of new products, which is beneficial to their profits. An alarming practice, dangerous for our planet. Raw materials are scarce and their extraction comes at the expense of both people and the environment. Planned obsolescence also fosters global inequality….

Join our workshop Stop #ExpresDefect and learn interactively about the link between the resource issue and the linear economy we live in! How can we turn that linear economy into a circular one? What is the link between my smartphone and the impact of mining in the Global South? Why does the production of that smartphone create more global inequality? How can we strive for positive change and stop planned obsolescence? We set out to find answers to all these questions.

Together, we will stop #ExpresDefect!

Interested? Are you interested in this workshop? Contact us by e-mail at info@catapa.be. Hope to see you soon!