Climate justice, supply chains and mining-industry’s destruction of communities and eco-systems in Chile, and around the world.

We are witnessing a revamped drive for a green economy. The transition towards an energy system powered by 100% renewable sources, and the so-called ‘4th industrial revolution’ of computer technology, big data and artificial intelligence, are being turbo-charged by the prospect of multiple green industrial revolutions set to ‘kick-start’ the global economy as a response to the economic turmoil unleashed by the pandemic.

However, the logic and narrative of ‘green economy 2.0’ may not help us to deal with the ecological crisis. In fact, if uneven, market-driven renewable energy production and distribution, carbon capture and storage, and geoengineering continue to be accepted as viable solutions, humanity’s’ existential crisis could get a whole lot worse.

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This research is framed in the EC-funded Make ICT Fair project- Reforming Manufacture & Minerals Supply Chains through Policy, Finance & Public Procurement. The project partners are Swedwatch (Sweden), Südwind (Austria), CATAPA (Belgium), CEE Bankwatch Network (Central and Eastern Europe), Electronics Watch (Europe-wide), People & Planet (UK), SETEM Catalunya (Spain), Le Monde Diplomatique (Poland), ICLEI (Europe-wide), Towards Sustainability Association (Hungary), The University of Edinburgh (UK). War on Want is subcontracted by CATAPA.

* Header photo: “Anglo American well occupation”. Credit: Patricio Durán/El Melón community

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