Virtual classes, but no Internet access: Education during a pandemic in Peru


Virtual classes, but no Internet access: Education during a pandemic in Peru

May 11th, Online


Imagine living in a rural community where there´s no Internet, no cable TV, close to no means of communication, and still being expected to continue your classes virtually. This is the case in many rural communities in Peru.

The situation regarding COVID-19 exposed many underlying problems in the country, which is why in May last year, Grufides and CATAPA started a new project tackling these issues with the help of the City of Antwerp.

The main goal of this project was to strengthen access to information and communication technology in rural communities in the context of COVID-19 in Cajamarca, Peru.

Join us for this webinar as we showcase the results of the project work, which focused on four communities in Cajamarca, Peru.

Discover how local citizens learned about their rights and how to claim them. Learn how citizen journalism can play a role via drawing attention to the communities internet and educational problems and reality. And see whether the government actually improved their access to ICT over the past year.

Excited to learn more about virtual education in smaller rural communities in Peru?

Excited to see the public denouncement through video and radio which the communities themselves made during this project?

Then join on Tuesday the 11th of May!


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This event will take place online, don’t forget to register online in advance, as only registered participants will receive a zoom link.


Organized by Catapa & Grufides

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