We can’t mine our way out of the climate crisis, European Commission told

30th September

234 civil society organisations, communities and academics call on EC to align critical raw materials sourcing plans with the interests of the planet, communities and the climate.


CATAPA joined over 230 civil society organisations, community platforms and academics  in releasing an open letter to call on the European Commission to urgently reassess its plans for sourcing the raw materials it claims Europe will need to realise energy, industrial and military transitions.

The letter is a timely intervention by the broad coalition, as the European Commission launched its new EU Raw Materials Alliance a day after the letter was brought to public attention.

Instead of expanding and repatriating mining destruction which will threaten communities, biodiversity & the planetary life support systems – the signatories call for:

1. Absolute reduction of resource use and demand in Europe

2. Recognition and respect for communities’ Right to Say No to mining

3. Enforcement of existing EU environmental law and respect for conservation areas

4. An end to exploitation of Global South nations, and respect for human rights

5. Protection of ‘ new frontiers’ – like the deep sea- from mining.

The current plans proposed in European Commissions’ Raw Material Strategy will lead to a new wave of resource extraction both in the EU and the Global South, turning any plans for a ‘Green EU’ instantly brown. A sustainable strategy cannot be to think that we can mine our way out of the climate crisis towards a green future.

You can find the English version of the letter in full here.

You can find the Spanish version of the letter in full here.


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