Yanacocha, Conga, Cerro Quilish: a small update on manifold problems

Rondas Campesinas April 2014

In Cajamarca province in Peru plans to open new mines are constantly under development, and local people, environmentalists and human rights activists are in a continuous struggle. Until now local communities could book several stage wins in their struggle to protect Cerro Quilish. They have been fighting for years to prevent the mountain turning into a polluting pit as they witnessed with Yanacocha mine, situated just about 5 km North-East of Cerro Quilish. The mountain is part of the cultural identity of the inhabitants and of spiritual importance to them.

The Owners of the Land - Relive a DocuLatino 2014 evening!

The last evening of DocuLatino 2014 in Gent was a special one- film maker Juan Javier Rivera Andia had come to present and explain his four video installations that make up the documentary The Owners of the Land.

ABC on the Greek volunteer working with CATAPA on an EVS project

In response to the several articles that appeared in the Greek press about the recruitment of a paid activist for the protests in Halkidiki, CATAPA wishes to counter some false announcements. We do this by explaining some names and words that appeared in these articles.



Alternative report on the controversial gold mining project La Colosa in Colombia

Demonstration in  Ibagué - Tolima. June 2013. The sign reads: "Yes to Life, No t

London-based human rights organisation Colombia Solidarity Campaign has published an Alternative Report about La Colosa, the AngloGold Ashanti gold mining project in Colombia’s municipality of Cajamarca (Tolima), entitled La Colosa: A Death Foretold.

The report unveils, for the first time, findings which clearly show that if the production phase of the La Colosa gold mine goes ahead, its implications to local communities would be much graver than previously anticipated. Community leaders and human rights defenders are already paying the highest price - their lives - for their opposition to the large-scale corporate mining project.

This report is a result of extensive research that included more than 100 interviews on the ground, legal document analysis, and technical assessment by Dr. Mark Muller, a highly respected international expert on mining.

Sign the petition and say “NO” to unfairly extracted gold at the Olympics!

Do you think the Olympic Medals should not be a source of environmental and social injustice? Sign our petition!

The 2012 Olympics were to be the most sustaibable Games ever. In spite of this, Rio Tinto supplied all the medals. Rio Tinto is a mining company with a terrible reputation worldwide, and over 8000 complaints pending: violence, rape, forced evictions…

Catapa goes AGM Deutsche Bank


On May 23rd, Catapa, together with FairFin, Urgewald en Facing Finance attended Deutsche Banks' AGM: the annual shareholders meeting. Catapa came with a clear message: Deutsche Bank, Stop investing in irresponsible mining! Deutsche Bank claims - in speeches, quotes, statements, reports and messages on their website - that they do not invest in irresponsible projects.

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