System change’

This year CATAPA will again participate in Belmundo, the annual social and environmental justice festival in Gent that puts international solidarity in the foreground. Throughout March, a lot of organizations from Gent will offer all kinds of online and outdoor activities. This year’s theme is ‘system change’.

“There are many alternatives proposals for change which draw their strength from our diversity, creativity and solidarity. All of these ideas have strengths, limitations, contradictions and common points. But these are all proposals that question the current system and can contribute to a different world.”

Cinema Belmundo

This year CATAPA will co-organize Cinema Belmundo, a classic part of the festival. Every Tuesday in March you can enjoy either a feature length documentary or two short documentaries. On the penultimate Tuesday of the month , after being inspired by the films a public discussion on system change will follow.

Tuesday March 2: ‘Breathless’

Tuesday March 9: ‘Honeyland’

Tuesday March 16: ‘La Bestia del Clima’  and ‘Pe Na Terra’

Where is TAMARA?

CATAPA is also part of the ‘Where is TAMARA *’ section of the festival. TAMARA * is the acronym for ‘There are many alternatives ready and available’ and is a response to ‘There is no alternative’ (TINA) – the classic answer when you criticize (an aspect of) prevailing systems. While cycling, walking or from behind your computer, we are always looking for alternatives that deserve our attention. For example, why not take part in the interactive workshop on the limits to growth and the webinar exploring Buen Vivir, the good life and living well, both in Belgium and in Bolivia?

Not to be missed is the synthesis debate of ‘Where is TAMARA *’ on 31 March , where CATAPA, together with national and international speakers with lots of examples and hard evidence,  will draw up a plan to give TAMARA * more space.

Visit the Belmundo website for even more inspiring online and offline activities such as exhibitions, lectures, webinars, a storytelling afternoon and interactive walks and bike rides about system change.

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