Escuela de Primavera: Catapa’s spring school on extractivism in Colombia

April 21st – May 29th, Online


Learn about the struggle against extractivism in Colombia through our ‘Escuela de Primavera’.

This year CATAPA are hosting a new online spring school which will include a series of online sessions with front line defenders and scientists from Colombia. The ‘Escuela de Primavera’ aims to inform the participants on the specific struggles of various regions and peoples in Colombia.

We will learn why communities are fighting in resistance, how they are organised and what we can do to contribute.

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You can find the Registration form here



21 April: Geology for Dummies – A short history of the planet and the minerals in the Andes mountains.


29 April: Jericó, The threat of the mining district – How a gold multinational wants to exploit the South-East region of Antioquia, Colombia.


13 May: Cajamarca – The vibrant and continuous struggle of an unconquerable village for its lands.


27 May: Santurbán – Water, paramós and a resistance with no truce: The case of Santurbán.


29 May: Tribuga – Movie discussion on the struggle of the Pacific Colombian coast against the construction of a mega port. 

The Escuela de Primavera will take place online, don’t forget to register online in advance, as only registered participants will receive a zoom link.

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