We are planning the sixth edition of the partner exchange week of CATAPA in the fall of 2023 in the Chocó Andino region (Ecuador). From past editions we strongly believe in the added value and the importance of exchange and encounters for our partners. Gatherings like these are one of the essential ways for communities to develop ways to stop mining by 2030.

During the exchange week of 2023 we will focus on the Right To Say No in the Andes region.

Thanks to the shared knowledges and strategies on preventing mining projects from entering, and on dealing with the impacts of the presence of mining companies on their lands. Participants leave with a broader geopolitical viewnew ideas and possible actions for their resistance as well as for their permanence in their region, shared solidarity for the anti-mining struggles in the Andes region and renewed energy and inspiration to continue their fight.

You can help us make this gathering happen. 

You can help us make this gathering happen

To be able to cover the transport costs, the work of our hosting organisation and the accommodation and food, funds are needed. We are grateful for any financial support possible you could give us.

We welcome donations to the bank account BE49 9795 2861 7871 with subject  ‘RTSN GATHERING ‘23.

If you are donating in Belgium, donations from € 40 and higher are tax deductible.

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