Mechelen is the first city to sign our CTRL ALT DEL charter!

On February 17, CATAPA Mechelen organised a debate about (de)colonisation. Alderwoman of Mechelen, Rina Rabau, also took part in the panel. As a result of this debate, the city of Mechelen committed itself to support our CTRL ALT DEL campaign against planned obsolescence. On 22 April, Earth Day, the CTRL ALT DEL charter was signed by alderwoman Rina Rabau, Walter Andino (volunteer CATAPA Mechelen) and staff member David Huylebroeck.

This great news made it into Het Laatste Nieuws and Het Nieuwsblad!

Mechelen is the first city to actively support our campaign, hopefully many more will follow. Read more about our CTRL ALT DEL campaign and our demands here. Would you like to help convince your city or town to support our campaign as well? Contact David at

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