I hope you are all happy and well. First of all I have some sad news. April was my last month working for CATAPA. A replacement is foreseen in mid August. Meanwhile Maud will continue to coordinate the Stop #ExpresDefect campaign. But now more than ever, we need you all on board to keep the campaign rolling and not lose momentum. 

Last year we achieved a lot. We developed several campaign tools, we organised or participated in many events, and several new and old catapistas joined our campaign. Many people put an amazing effort in Stopping #ExpresDefect! Big huraaay for all!

Help us keep the train rolling
So let’s keep this train rolling! Not having an overlap with someone coordinating these efforts is complicated,  but CATAPA is a non-hierarchical volunteer movement, what we achieve depends on all of us. I am confident we can make this work if we make it a joint effort! Hopefully you are confident too!

Help us promote this campaign and CATAPA at events and places in your area or community. Pick a campaign tool that suits you, and take it to your local library, community center or favourite ICT shop. Bring it to your amazing birthday-, family- or tupperware party.  Get it to a lecture, workshop or any other event and place you can think of. 

Small or big action, doesn’t matter. Help us take CATAPA and Stop #ExpresDefect out there, together we stop mining and planned obsolescence! 

What can you do?

  • Follow, share and like our campaign posts on CATAPA’S social media
  • Organise or promote a quiz with questions relating to mining, e-waste, planned obsolescence.
  • Share our flyer
  • Find a nice spot for our amazing roll-up banner
  • Find another nice spot for our selfie-mirror, and have people post on social media. 
  • Pick and choose some slides and give a presentation or workshop
  • Find a new home for our e-waste installation after the expo at MIAT finishes in September. 
  • Organise or promote a photo-exposition with amazing contributions from Catapistas Camilla Del Fabro, Dayana Corzo, Brendan Brown and Simon Lenskens. 
  • Pitch CATAPA or the campaign to your friends, family of colleagues. 
  • Take out our CATAPA infostand
  • Write a contribution for our newsletter or website
  • Follow up and share Stop #ExpresDefect related topics.
  • Join our monthly campaign meetings! contact maud.marcial@catapa.be
  • Propose something yourself!!

Spread the Stop #ExpresDefect Charter
Last but not least, if you cannot do any of these, just
help us spread our Charter. It is finally ready to overtake all local municipalities in Flanders. The goal of this whole campaign is to convince local authorities to sign our Charter and commit to stop this throwaway culture, specifically the planned obsolescence of ICT products. We want to achieve this by reaching out to a handful of citizens in municipalities all over Flanders who want to convince their local or favourite politicians to sign our Charter. Just once a year we all meet to evaluate the progress. Want to help out to reach this goal? 

We decided to have an extra campaign meeting with all those amazing catapistas that want to Stop #ExpresDefect and discuss how we can assure the continuity of this campaign. On Tuesday the 30th of April @ 19u in the Catapa office or online. You are very welcome to join! It’s my very last day, it would be the best farewell gift to see many of you there!

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